Download Filmplus for Smart TV (Samsung TV, Sony, Vu, etc)

In this tutorial, I’m going to share a working guide on how to download Filmplus for Smart TV with any operating system. Filmplus is compatible with Samsung, Sony, Vu, HTC, Mi, and other smart TVs.

Filmplus can give you a great way to watch all the latest flicks and popular shows! You can find a library of movie titles, and television series/serials (which are recently telecasted), not just ones that were released in theaters.

We will need to install a file manager or browser and make some changes in our device settings to go installation smoothly. Here, we use the Downloader application that downloads our Filmplus apk file so it can be easily installed from there on your smart TV!

How to Install Filmplus on Smart TV using USB Flash Drive

Installing Filmplus for Smart TV is pretty simple if you have a USB flash drive or Pen Drive.

  1. First, visit the official website of Filmplus and download its apk file on your PC or any computer.
  2. Plug the Pen drive into the respective PC and transfer/copy the Filmplus.apk file to the Pen drive.
  3. After that, unplug the Pen drive and connect it to your smart TV using the USB port.
  4. On your TV, open the File Manager or Browser application and go to the USB drive.
  5. Find the Filmplus apk file and install it on your TV.

The installation process might take some time. After it is installed, you can launch the app.

Install the FIlmplus app on Android TV using Downloader

The Filmplus app for Android TV can be installed using a different method than the one listed above. You don’t need any physical hard drives, it just uses Internet resources such as Downloader to get things done!

Follow the given steps…

  1. Open Playstore on your Android TV (Shortcut: Long press the home button on the remote)
  1. Enter the “Downloader” term in the Playstore’s search box and press OK.
  1. In the search list, choose the first tile and open the Downloader’s detail page.
  1. Press OK for the Install button.
  1. After the Downloader is installed, open it from the main screen/launcher of your Android TV.
  1. In the Downloader app, enter the following URL in the path field and press GO:
  1. Downloading process will start here, wait for some time.
  1. Once it is downloaded, press Install to start the installation process.
Filmpluss install screenshot
  1. Press OK for the Open button.
  1. Next, Allow.
  1. OK.

It is the most recommended method to sideload the Filmplus app by downloading the APK file from the official website. If you found the above link expires, you can simply visit “” and click on the Download button.

How to Use Filmplus on Non-Android TV

Nowadays, many smart TVs are also coming with other than Android OS like WebOS, tvOS, Tizen, OS X Mountain Lion, etc. Try the method provided in this section if your TV is running with any of these OS.

Unlike Android TV, there is no way to install the Filmplus app directly on these operating systems. However, we can still use it by using media streaming devices on our TV.

Connecting a Media Streaming Device allows us to install APK files by its android supported OS. This way, we can use Filmplus on our TVs and enjoy high-quality video content in any room of the house.

There are tens of streaming players available in this digital age. But we recommend using the Amazon Fire TV Stick as it is the most popular and affordable device. Even, you’re lucky, if you already have it.

We had also prepared guides for other devices too which help to stream Filmplus to TV;

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I watch movies offline on Filmplus?

A) It let users download their favorite movies by choosing the particular stream link and clicking the “Download” or “Download with subtitles” option.

Q) How do I change the video quality in Filmplus?

A) You can’t change the quality of your video stream while you’re playing. Always choose what is being streamed first.

Q) Is Filmplus free OTT alike app?

A) Yes. Everything from Filmplus that you access through your TV is free.

Q) Does Filmplus have ads?

A) Like other freemium apps, Filmplus also offers free content with an Ad network model. It contains a decent collection of annoying ads in the app.

Q) How do I contact Filmplus customer support?

A) You can contact Filmplus customer support by sending an email to


The instructions in this post will be easy to follow for anyone with basic technical knowledge. If still can’t able to install Filmplus, please share your TV details like model and OS in the comment section. Our experts/users will help you with that.

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