How to install Filmplus on Linux [Ubuntu, Fedora & Mint]

Filmplus is a great way to stream movies and TV shows without ads. It has thousands of titles, so it’s no surprise that people love this app!. 

Well, you might have downloaded this app for Android-based devices before. Now let me share with you how you gonna run Filmplus on Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

Installing APK files on a Linux computer can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. You need emulators for that since running apps from the command line is more complicated than using Shashlik software!

If you’re already familiar with running applications in Windows via console emulator then this process will seem quite simple to follow along – here we are going over how to install the Filmplus app onto your device…

Filmplus on linux image

Features of Filmplus on Linux?

Auto play

Filmplus can be used to connect devices. And if you want to watch any Movie or TV show there are a few links in the app. When you click on a link option, the content will be streamed on your screen.

 And if you select the Auto Play option then the video will automatically play with good quality without you selecting the links. The Filmplus app always provides the best links for you.


When you are watching a movie you will get subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Subtitles are available in all languages. 


If you are watching a movie and the quality of the video is not good, then you need to turn off the auto-play option. After that, you can stream HD or ultra HD as per your requirement. 

Multi-platform support

Download and install shashlik on Linux?

Linux users can install android apps using shashlik, an android emulator. After the installation, it will use the stripped-down version even if it is in your session. Now let’s see about installing Filmplus in Ubuntu.

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 We have shared some simple steps to complete the installation process of shashlik on Linux.

  • To download REPO TOOL on Linux, please enter the following commands in your CMD prompt (or terminal). 

              $ mkdir ~/bin

              $ PATH =~/bin:$PATH

  • Next, add two lines of commands listed below to process the next steps.

$ curl> ~/bin/repo

$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

  • Based on the commands given below you need to download the new command (shashlik). And then start the new repo sync

   cd shashlik

   repo init -u – manifest

    repo sync

Finally, you can complete installation process through the commands prompt given below

           source build/


Install Filmplus on Linux using shashlik?

  • Download Shahlik for Linux models here.
  • Install the Shashlik just like any other DEB package.
  • Now, Download the Filmplus APK file to your Linux.
  • Right-Click on that file and select open with Shashlik from the options.
  • Immediately, the background installation process will start and ends within a few seconds.
  • Once it’s done. Open the app and surf through your favorite stuff.
  • The Filmplus app was successfully installed. Then watch your favorite movies or TV shows.

Frequently asked quotations (FAQ)

What is shashlik? 

Shashlik is the perfect emulator for Linux users who want to run Android apps on their computers. It’s easy to use and can allow you to install APK files on Linux. You can use it to play games, watch movies, and more.

With Shashlik, you can have the best of both worlds – the convenience of using Android apps on your computer, with all of the features and functions that you expect from a desktop operating system. Plus, it’s available for free download. So why wait? Get started today!

Is it safe to use on Linux? 

With a trusted emulator, you can be sure that your Linux computer will not suffer from any security issues.

What is Ubuntu, fedora mint?

These are child operating systems from Linux.


Although there are other third-party tools to install FIlmplus on Linux, The best route is to choose a shashlik emulator. Because any tough application installed can be through the shashlik. I think you people successfully install filmplus on Linux in your device. If you doubt, share a comment session. Thanks for reading my article.