How to install Filmplus on Nvidia Shield

If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to download Filmplus on Nvidia Shield, then this page provides you with a complete guide. 

The Nvidia Shield can’t be a just gaming device, it could also turn into a movie theater if you install a perfect streaming app. So, Filmplus can be a good option for your Nvidia Shield because it’s an Android app. It’s easy to install Android type of apps on Nvidia Shield where it runs with Android OS. 

If you decided to stop gaming for a while, wanna watch your favorite episode, but is not connected with cable? Don’t worry Filmplus can offer you all the episodes right from your device. 

If you don’t know how to install it, just follow the given steps to set up Filmplus on the Nvidia shield. 

Filmplus Nvidia Shield Image

 Download Filmplus on the Nvidia shield?

Here’s How to install filmplus on your Nvidia shield. There are two methods for installation 

  1. ES File Explorer
  2. Downloader 

Useful:- Download Filmplus for Smart TV

Download Filmplus for Nvidia Shield

  • Make sure the Nvidia Shield and TV should be connected to each other.
  •  Download and open the ES File Explorer, and navigate the browser section.
  • Enter the following URL link
  • Download the application from the above URL link.
  • The file will download in the download section of ES file explorer.
  • After downloading, now you have to complete the installation process. 
  • Unable to unknown sources:  Go to settings > security restriction > unknown sources.
  • Now You have successfully installed filmplus on Nvidia shield.

Installing Filmplus apk using a downloader?

  1. Install the downloader
  •   Firstly connect with Nvidia shield to your android TV
  •   Now you can find a downloader application from your apps store, Now install the application.
  1. Unable to Unknown sources From 
  •  Once installation is complete, open the application. 
  •  Allow the downloader to install filmplus from outside of the app store you want it allows to install from unknown sources. 
  • Go to settings>security&restrictions>unknown sources.

    3.   Download and install Filmplus

  • From your home screen, type the following URL into the URL box at the top.
  • URL link:  click on GO and Download the app. 
  • Once download the app, now install from the download screen and then again install from the dialog screen
  • Installation steps are completed to open up the Filmplus.
  • Now enjoy your favorite movies on the Nvidia shield.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Q.  Filmplus on the Nvidia shield secure?

Yes it is 100% secure filmplus on Nvidia shield

Q.  How can I find the solution to the Filmplus apk streaming link error?

You will get an error because the streaming link is broken. It will take a few days for that link to recover. 

Q. Is the Nvidia shield worth it?

 Yes, Nvidia shield is the best android TV box that you can buy.


we hope you successfully installed Filmplus on Nvidia shield.  For any kind of issues please ping in the comment box it provides at the bottom. Thank you for choosing my content.